In which I transform from dunce to goddess. Theoretically.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Anyone still out there?

Well hello!
It's been a while!

I've been a bit busy. Since my last post in 2014 we've moved house and had another baby so I guess I can be excused. Oh, and the 2013 baby has now turned into a fully fledged 3 year old tyrant who has taken full control of the Norman household. He seems to turn slightly psychotic when I get the laptop out so it rarely happens now.

All that coupled with the loss of the desire to become a domestic goddess meant I abandoned the blog. But now I'm back.

I'm inspired again. I've got a garden, I've got a vegetable patch, I've got a growing boy to feed, I've re-found Pinterest. Heck, I've even got myself a slowcooker!!! Let's give it another shot and see if I do have it in me to come at least somewhere close to being a domestic goddess capable of providing my family with healthy, nutritious (and preferably edible) meals. Every day of the week. Every week of the year.

Let's see.....