In which I transform from dunce to goddess. Theoretically.

About me

I'm a 30 something new mum. I've been married 2 years and with my hubby for nearly 9 years. I'm a lucky girl because him indoors is an amazing cook who enjoys doing the supermarket shop. I've always tried to do my fair share in the kitchen but that has usually involved sticking a pizza in the oven. We both worked full time so dinner was the last thing on my mind when I got home from a long day at work. In fact, I think this article in the Mail (I apologise for linking to the Mail) was written about me. That article says most women can only cook 7 different dishes, I cant even do that!!!

And then I had a baby......

Being on maternity leave and knowing that eventually I will need to be able to provide my family with healthy nutritious meals has inspired me to learn to cook.

So this blog is hopefully going to chart my journey from domestic dunce to domestic goddess and inspire me to keep going.

Wish me luck!

(I also have a knitting and crocheting blog over at . Pop over and have a look, if that's your kind of thing)

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