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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


So, I posted that this was on my meal plan for the week:

Tuesday: Lamb and potato bake

Wednesday: Beef keema

Now, during my first few weeks of cooking, anything I made was just amazing (to me), I was so impressed with myself that I was eating any and all of it.

Until last night.

The lamb and potato bake required cheese sauce and suggested that a pre-made sauce could be used. Him indoors (who does the shopping so who am I to argue?) said that we may as well use a jar of sauce. So I did. But it was HORRIBLE!!!! The sauce was all plasticy and I really didn't like it. Which is a shame as I think it would have been a nice dinner if I'd followed my instincts and made the sauce myself.

And then tonight I made the beef keema but didn't realise until I was half way through that we didn't have any curry powder. I used some curry paste instead but the meal was still really bland.

So I've learnt a few things:

  • homemade cheese sauce is best
  • using the correct ingredients is always a good idea
  • just because I've made something, and am super impressed with myself for doing so, doesn't mean that it is edible!
Onwards and upwards.

Oh, and I started weaning my little man this week so I'm sure I'll be posting about mashing up steamed fruit and veg at some point as that seems to be taking over my life.

Have a good rest of the week

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  1. Lol, it sounds like it was a tough week, Nicky. Try to remember that the only way you`ll become a good cook is by learning from your mistakes. It`s not so great at that moment but you`ll never forget it! I admire your determination. Good luck.