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Monday, 25 November 2013

I've fallen off the wagon.

How long has it been? 2? 3 weeks? Useless. 

I had such great intentions of building up a little repertoire of meals that I could quickly and competently cook and I started so well. But then what happened? 

Here come my excuses: 
1) little man wasn't well
2) I wasn't well 
3) last week we went out for dinner twice and had a take away for my brother's birthday.
4) I'm useless

That all added up to ensure that I REALLY couldn't be bothered to cook. So I gave up. 


So I've resolved to try again. I won't be put off. I can't be put off. The little man is nearly 6 months old and is showing more and more by the day that he's ready to be weaned. It won't be long before I'm having to rustle up appetising feasts of mashed veg. I won't be able to escape the kitchen so I need to learn to embrace it. The kitchen and I need to bond and find a mutual love. Or at the very least, a modicum of respect. 
So back I go.

And here is the plan for this week.

Saturday: Chicken with pancetta (from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of food)

Sunday: Chicken Casserole with cheesy dumplings

Monday: Me out, him freezer meal

Tuesday: Freezer meal

Wednesday: Cauliflower pasta bake

Thursday: Beef fajitas

Friday: Chicken pie

I wonder how it will go. 

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