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Monday, 4 November 2013

Meal Plan Monday #1 - Reviewed

So how did last week, my first Meal plan Monday week, go??

Not great to be honest. My little man had Hand Foot and Mouth disease and, although he was amazing through it, he took even more of my attention than usual. And then I had a rotten sore throat for a few days and stayed on the sofa in my PJs. So the meals weren't necessarily done on the days they were planned. Meh!

So last week I DID manage to cook:

toad in the hole,
ratatouille and sausages
and fish pie. 
This weekend I've done cottage pie with sliced potatoes not mash and a roast.

I am amazed with myself, I really am. I've honestly cooked more in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 7 years. I don't think my husband can believe his luck. - To be honest I think we're both wondering how long I can keep it up but I'm willing to give it a go. I'm also willing to think he's expecting me to give up soon but I'm determined not to. We've eaten SO much more healthily since I've been meal planning and there is none of that 'what shall we have for dinner?' nonsense anymore.

The Toad in the hole was AMAZING.

 (Proof I made it myself and didn't cheat!)

I followed this recipe on the BBC good food website. There was a little too much batter so will try another one next time.

The paella was ok, I followed the instructions my hubby gave me. We aren't massive seafood fans so we tend to have chicken and chorizo in it. This is the 'after' photo.

We've never had fish pie before but this meal is definitely a keeper. We loved it.
Yes that is a bit of mozzarella with the cheddar on the top - why not? - and I know the photo is rubbish but fish pie isn't the most photographic food ever is it? Lets be honest, it looks like it's already been eaten!
And this is my take on a cottage pie. The potatoes from here were MUCH nicer than mash.
I think that might be 4 little meals I've added to my arsenal.

Oh, and the ratatouille and sausages..... well. I liked it, but my husband didn't. So I wont be doing that again. I can cross that one off the list. :(

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