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Monday, 28 October 2013

Meal Plan Monday #1

So....... I was pretty keen to start writing weekly meal plans. I'd made a few rather pathetic attempts but without the commitment of my husband and sharing the cooking with him, it wasn't really working. Until he went away on Business :)

I saw the opportunity and took it!!!! (In fairness I was completely encouraged by his sister so I didn't feel too bad making changes in his absence).

While he was away I made it my aim to not only eat as many of the odds and ends out of the freezer but to start meal planning properly.

And here it is, with the accompanying shopping list.

As you can see it's a work in progress and I don't know what the date is but hey, there it is.

There have been a few changes already but it is now going to go like this:

Sunday (I plan from Sunday because the groceries arrived on Saturday) Toad in the hole

Monday Paella

Tuesday Fish pie

Wednesday Frozen pasta bake from last week

Thursday Ratatouille and sausages

Friday Frozen something

Saturday Cottage pie. with potatoes like this

I wonder how well I'll stick to it as this is only the second week of proper meal planning. I guess I'll fill you in next week.

I found a linky party over at that I'm hooking up with. If you've popped by from there, thanks for coming.

Nicky x


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