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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The kick up the bum I needed

I had a baby nearly 5 months ago and as he was breech I ended up having a C-section. So my amazing friend created a dinner rota for my husband and me. I'm not sure how she did it but I think the wonders of Facebook were involved and we ended up having home cooked meals delivered to our house every night for nearly a fortnight. It was A-ma-zing!!!

My best buddy lives about 70 miles away and although she was involved in the messaging about the meal rota, obviously couldn't bring us a fresh, hot meal. Or at least she could but it might not be so appetising by the time it arrived. Apparently she replied that knowing my husband and me, we'd be more than happy if she ordered us pizza from a well known pizza delivery company. (And how right she was).

Now, I was HUGELY grateful for the generosity we were shown and we were provided with some amazing meals but their acts of compassion served to make me feel even more ashamed of  my lack of cooking skills. All these wonderful people had slaved away in their kitchens to provide me with healthy nutritious deliciousness but if the situation was reversed, I wouldn't be able to help. I could provide a tray of toast, or heat up a frozen pizza but we were provided with pasta dishes, chicken pie, toad in the hole..... the list goes on. All home cooked from scratch. How could I ever repay their kindness? I couldn't. There was no denying it. In fact, when a friend had a baby 3 years ago and I was asked to join their meal rota I had to confess publicly on the Facebook group set up, that I couldn't provide dishes that I would feel happy to feed to others but that I had the number of a very good pizza delivery company saved in my phone. And that is what I did. I ordered them a large pizza each and had them delivered to their house. At the age of 30 I was ashamed of myself.

I need to learn to cook!

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